Projects for the European Union
littlefolks has been a partner in transnational projects supported by the European Union since 2003.
From 2003 to 2005 littlefolks, together with institutions from England, Denmark, Hungary and Italy, took part in a project in the European Union Minerva action. The project product was a generative technological system that allows authors who themselves have little technological know-how the development of online language courses at Level A1 of the Common European Framework for Languages. This system was developed on the basis of an online English course from which two courses for less widely spoken and taught languages (Danish and Hngarian) were developed. The courses can be used for self-study as well as as complementary courses to existing face-to-face language learning courses.

As a project partner littlefolks helped to develop the online language learning methodology, the English course and parts of the courses for Danish and Hungarian.

In its final evaluation the European Union awarded the partners a grade A and wrote that the project was “an example of best practice in terms of both the quality of its outputs and the partnership management”.

The courses can be accessed costfree at:
All that is needed is an online registration for the courses.
The methodological basis for the courses can be accessed at:

littlefolks contributed to the development of a further EU-funded project: Grammar Explorer – A web-based grammar of Danish. This project is part of the Socrates-Lingua programme and fulfills the requirements of the Common European Framework for Languages, Level A2.
The grammar is now available online at:

littlefolks was most recently a partner on project WEBSTAR - A Web-based course of Modern Standard Arabic

The course and website can be accessed at: