littlefolks is a private language school that offers English courses for four to twelve-year-old children as well as for teenagers and adults.

littlefolks provides the basis for successful learning:
- a homely atmosphere
- groups between 4 and 6 learners
- qualified teachers.

Courses at littlefolks are taught by British native / 'near native' speakers who are qualified both in pedagogy and foreign-language-teaching methodology. They are experienced teachers with a sound knowledge of British and German culture and of the two languages. This makes them particularly sensitive to possible learning difficulties of German-speaking learners and able to help overcome these difficulties.

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littlefolks is also involved in transnational online elearning projects funded by the European Union. Its foreign language teaching and learning expertise has contributed considerably to the development of these online elearning products. Find out more about the projects by using the link to EU Projects.