Courses at littlefolks

Ring o’ Roses
(for children from the age of about 18 months to about three years and their carers)

Courses for children:
Playschool I
(for children aged four to six)
Playschool II (for children aged six to eight)
Playschool Plus (for children aged eight to ten)
Stepping Up (for pupils in years 5 and 6)

Clubs / Clubs+ ( for Years 5 – 13 littlefolks offers two kinds of courses)

'Taster' Courses

Holiday Courses (for pupils from year 5 to year 13)

Courses for adults

One-to-One / private lessons : (for children, young adults and adults)

All courses at littlefolks are for four to six learners giving maximum opportunity to learn English and to receive individual help with learning in a relaxed atmosphere.

Courses for children aged between four and twelve years:
littlefolks offers a homely and relaxed atmosphere in which to learn English:
Our class-/playroom is furnished with child-sized furniture and equipped with many children's books, a good selection of games, musical instruments and modern technology (viewing and listening materials, computers with internet access).

littlefolks -courses aim to develop children's language abilities as well as their

  • general intellectual,
  • creative,
  • motor / kinaesthetic,
  • inter-personal and
  • emotional abilities.
- Ring o’ Roses is for children from the age of about 18 months to about three years and their carers (mother, father, grandparent, …). The course aims to introduce children holistically to the English language through music and play (singing, dancing, action games, fingerplays, …).

Encouraged by their carers and the whole group, the children join in the activities, enjoying the movement, rhythm, dancing, singing and playing while using the English language at the same time. Different Orff instruments are used by the children and their carers to accompany the various activities.

Through traditional and modern English nursery rhymes, songs and games, the children learn to listen, speak, move and react (training both gross and fine motor skills), which contrbutes to holistic child development.

The course takes place in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere putting no pressure on children or carers. Even adults with little or no knowledge of English will easily be able to take part in the course.

- Playschool I (for children aged between four and six years):
In this course we aim to sensitize the children to foreign language learning and thereby lay the foundations for all further foreign language learning. During this course, the children learn to understand spoken English and quite naturally make their first attempts at speaking English.

As the course develops, we introduce the children to different topics chosen specially to suit their age group (e. g. colours, numbers, house and home, the body, clothes, food, the weather, animals etc). All language is used in an wide variety of activities (games, stories, songs, rhymes, making things, baking etc) which are fun and appeal to different types of learners. Experience shows that all lessons can be conducted exclusively in English right from the start.
- Playschool II (for children aged between six to eight years):
The main aims of this course are similar to those of Playschool I . However, the amount and intensity of the language used in the lesson is increased. Children of this age are able to understand more, and they are prepared to experiment with the language.

In Playschool II the children gradually learn, through different games and activities, to cope with particular aspects of everyday life (being polite, making contact with others, likes and dislikes, feelings, wishes etc).

Topics and language from Playschool I are regularly recycled in many different ways so that there will be no difficulties for children who have not attended Playschool I .
- Playschool Plus (for children aged between eight and ten years):
This course is intended for children who have attended Playschool I/II or who have just started English at primary school.

Here, in the secure environment of a small group, the children have every opportunity to use, develop and practise intensively what they have learnt. The material and activities used are specially chosen to complement the primary school course and to enhance the children's motivation for further language learning at school.

In addition to developing the listening and speaking skills, we aim to carefully introduce the children to the written word. We do this through games and activities in which the children are encouraged to read and understand quite naturally.

As with all our courses for children, the topics and language from previous courses are regularly recycled in many different ways so that there is no difficulty for children who have not attended Playschool I/II .
- Stepping up (for children aged between ten and twelve / Orientierungsstufe):
The aim of this course is to offer additional opportunities for training and developing the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. - All this is supported by individual help with vocabulary and grammar.

Through the activities in this course the children become more self-confident in their use of English and their motivation for further language learning increases. The children also learn how to cope more independently with the demands of their textbooks and their English lessons at school.


- 'Taster' courses for children aged between four and ten:
For young children up to the age of ten, littlefolks offers four-week courses consisting of four 45-minute-lessons in which a cross-section of activities is offered.

The aim of the courses is to help parents and children decide if a longer course might be suitable for the child.
- Clubs / Clubs+ (for Years 5 – 13 littlefolks offers two kinds of courses).
There are Clubs where – on the basis of materials used at school and similar to ‘taditional’ subject-specific coaching – the learning focusses on what the children and young adults are doing at school. Contrary to traditional subject-specific coaching, these littlefolks Clubs aim to boost learners’ self-confidence with regard to their language competence so that they will be able to soon cope on their own with the demands of their lessons at school.
Clubs+ cater for children who, for example, are learning Latin, French or English in Orientierungsstufe and who are looking for additional language learning challenges. These courses avoid using materials that are used at school. They are more topic- and project-oriented.
Clubs+ also exist for older children and young adults who can cope very well with the demands of their lessons at school, but want to develop their language competence on a broader basis than is possible in large school classes.
- Holiday Courses for pupils from year 5 to year 13:
In school holidays littlefolks offers five-day courses consisting of a 90-minute-lesson each day. The courses are aimed at pupils who need help with what has been taught at school and also at pupils who generally want to become more self-confident in their use of English. - For both types of pupils the small group of four to six learners is ideally suited.

Before registration we plan, individually with each pupil, in which fields and aspects of language learning help is needed. This guarantees optimal individual assistance for each pupil.

Currently not offered.
- Courses for adults:
littlefolks offers a variety of courses for beginners and false beginners as well as intermediate and advanced learners.

Whether oral (listening / speaking), written (reading / writing) or both, all our courses are tailored to the needs of the learners.
In all courses we make sure that the necessary grammar is taught in such a way that it is easily understandable for all learners.

On request we also offer job-/career related courses.
- One-to-One / private lessons:
On request littlefolks also offers tailor-made one-to-one courses / private lessons for children, young adults and adults (from beginner to advanced level). With our professional help and advice, learners themselves may decide on the content and the length of their personal course.